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Cityscape Awards Ceremony Gala 2017



Here at Cityscape, we value and appreciate our agents and to kick off 2017 we had an awards ceremony to acknowledge their hard work throughout 2016.

Hence we celebrated with a gala in January 2017. We invited all of our agents to enjoy cocktails, appetizers and a sit-down lunch at Copacabana in Toronto. We had some amazing entertainment such as beautiful samba and bhangra dancers. There were some fun games where the agents won several amazing prizes such as iPads, watches and phones! 

Some of our highlights from the events included the silly selfies contest, the delicious food and exceptional service (thank you to Ann and Jhon and the rest of the Copa Team), the stunning samba and bhangra live performances and our agent dance off competition. We also had a couple of funny awards such as Best Hair, MC, and Excellent Paperwork. 

The real awards were given at the end of the evening and included: Chairman's club, Directors club, President's club, Excellence Award, Executive Club and Millionaires Club

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